Had a scary experience late yesterday trying to get down off Tryfan
and getting a bit lost..nearly ended up falling down a sheer face
taking setting the wrong bearing and trying to go due south...it was
blowing a gale and getting a little dark!

Anyway, I was fumbling about up there on my own trying to find the
right way down when I came across some flowers which had been
laid....if it weren't for these flowers I probably would have just
kept my head down and tried to get down as quickly as possible to get
out of the bad weather, if I had done this on the course I was going
the next bunch of flowers would probably have been for me.

Instead seeing these flowers made me stop for a couple of minutes to
rest and pay my respects, which in turn led me to reevaluate the
course I was setting and dig my map out and have a proper think about
things....which in turn led me to realise I was never going to get
back down the way I was going in failing light and ridiculous winds.
So I clambered back up the way I had come from the summit, took a
proper look at the map, set the proper south westerly bearing for the
path off the top and found my way safely down to the heather terrace

So I just wanted to share my nerve wracking experience with someone,
and send my good wishes to the family of whoever those flowers were
for...I've done Tryfan loads of times and am not really sure why I
nearly made a mess of things yesterday, but I guess I was maybe a
little over confident that I knew the way without thinking too much
about it...