Bouldering workshops in the Derbyshire Peak District

boulderingBouldering is an excellent way to learn the art of technical climbing on both Gritstone and Limestone helping to build up your confidence and strength or to progress your lead climbing on Traditional routes.

These sessions are the best introduction to outdoor climbing for indoor wall users, but also highly recommended for intermediate + trad rock climbers wishing to progress through the grades.

Training for mental preparation, strength, stamina and better climbing technique are the objectives of these sessions and courses.

We offer unique Bouldering and technique training workshops for novice climbers or intermediate climbers allowing us to 'get in' close to your climbing style and improve it beyond recognition!

Bouldering is now recognised as a popular and fast growing sport with its own grading systems.

We run short sessions as part of a full climbing course, though through popular demand, we offer full day bouldering lessons.

Not sure if it's for you? Call now on 01335 344982 for a chat.

What is bouldering?
Bouldering is a form of rock climbing practiced close to the ground, eliminating the need for ropes and other expensive equipment.

Bouldering often involves sideways traversing as well as vertical climbing. The focus is on hard problems and technical moves that are needed to succeed in conventional climbing. Difficult moves can be attempted again and again until they are achieved, improving strength and skill rapidly. Many climbers boulder on a regular basis to keep in shape.

Bouldering began when climbers practiced on the foot of crags and nearby boulders between 'proper' rock climbs, but was soon so popular it became a discipline in its own right. Climbers sought and documented hundreds of natural boulders throughout the UK and abroad, with Fontainebleau, near Paris, being perhaps the most famous site.

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