Caving and Potholing Courses - Derbyshire.
caving and potholing instruction
Rock and Ice offer caving and potholing courses, including Single Rope Technique (SRT), for beginners or those requiring more advanced skills and tuition.

No previous experience is required for this exciting underground activity.

We only employ fully qualified and highly experienced cave leaders and cave instructors (CIC) for these courses.

You may see some fantastic sights such as the largest fossilised oyster bed in Europe, stalagmites and stalactites are also to be found in our local caves.

We offer several levels of caving instruction being:


Level 1. This course is run in mainly larger horizontal cave systems. This experience is suitable for most ages and abilities.

Level 2.
Caves with vertical sections (potholes) which have to be negotiated by abseils on the way in and by ladders.

These fantastic trips are usually take most of a day, with some training arranged above ground, before you go below.

We will equip you with helmets, lamps, and oversuits before setting off underground to explore a variety of cave passages under expert instruction.

Single Rope Technique (SRT) and rigging sessions are available for those wishing to progress to higher standards. (some previous experience is usually required)
These courses are usually run in the limestone caves of Derbyshire though North Yorkshire, Lancashire and other areas are a possibility.

Call us now on 0800 612 6603 to book your course.


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