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Ropework and Self Rescue for Climbers and Mountaineers

self rescue for climbersAll it takes is one loose rock, a stone-fall or a poor nut placement and you could be in a mess.

These crucial skills could save lives!

Have you considered the more dangerous and serious situations which could arise on sea cliffs or multi-pitch mountain routes?

Do you know how to effect a self-rescue if your partner is injured and unable to help?

Can you escape the system and ascend a rope to assist a fallen climber with a head injury?

How do you rescue someone from a crevasse? Can you set up and improvise a hoist with the basic climbing gear on your harness?

These courses are designed to teach you how to attain and handle these skills in a practical way.

Don't get caught out! Empower yourself with a course from Rock and Ice. Better still get your climbing partner to join you on this course as you may well need thier help in the future!

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