I just have to say you guys made my day.......TK Maxx Comic Relief
abseil...................... You were absolutely fantastic........
professional, funny, and above all put us all at ease.

I stopped smoking 3 weeks ago and am so proud of myself for A.....even
climbing off the top of TK Maxx head office and abseiling down, B...
not wanting or needing to smoke before or after, then C.... for going
down again.. I know now I will never smoke again, because if I could
thro today and not be stressed or need a ciggie.... I don't need to
smoke to calm me down.... .

Wow it was a fantastic experience. All my family and friends are so
proud of me.

I just really can't believe I wasn't scared at all. I told myself that
you guys wouldn't let me do it if I wasn't going to be safe, and I was
in your hands at all times. I never looked over the edge... so it was
like climbing off the edge of a low wall really. I honestly don't think
my heart rate changed speed.

But now I am bitten by the bug..... I just have to do it again
sometime.... Have just spent a while looking on the website, so once I
have consulted my kids and a colleague who also wants to do it again.
I will hopefully be able to book up something.

Thanks again for a fantastic time. I look forward to seeing photos on
the web..... It should increase the hits on your website by

Wendy Robins :o)
from TK Maxx



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